Out of a love for the outdoors and all things in nature led to my current outdoor interests.  My nature photography has taken me to places all over North America and soon beyond those borders.  Currently I specialize in avian and wild animal photography with the avian photography getting the most emphasis because of the vast number of subjects available for this specialty. 

I specialize in capturing these animals in their natural habitat.  I also work with other forms of nature photography including landscapes and macro images of tiny works of nature.

I am a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and strive to find ways to let my photography help protect the creatures I capture with the camera.  I am active on the online nature forums NatureScapes.net as well as the Canon Photography on the Net.

Currently from a equipment point of view I use all Canon equipment including a Canon 1D MK IV camera as well as a whole host of lenses including 500mm, 300mm, 70-200 and other professional quality lenses.